Case study – Leadership Enhancement & Application Programme

The Juniper Co. designed and facilitated the Leadership Enhancement & Application Programme for senior staff across the organisation.

The brief / challenge

As a result of facilitating a strategic review process at Sue Ryder Care, it was identified that Care Centre Managers were in need of developing their leadership skills. Juniper was briefed to create and deliver a Leadership Programme for the senior management, focusing on role-based competencies. The Juniper Co. designed and facilitated the Leadership Enhancement & Application Programme for senior staff across the organisation.

The solution

We designed and delivered a Leadership Programme for over 60 management staff. Following management re-structures we then created a retail-specific version for a further 17 newly placed business managers.

The programme focused on role-based competencies identified during the first iteration of the Leadership Development programme at line management and team level. For the same group, we developed and delivered a Team Effectiveness workshop, with a view to rolling the workshop out across Neurological Care. Throughout the process, we provided coaching to participants.

The results

The Sue Ryder team’s ability to sustain performance momentum and adherence to best practice leadership as evidenced by:

  • Improved communication and integration of the different divisions of the organisation
  • A concerted effort to reach out to all stakeholders and influencers in the sector in order to continue to develop best practice, further the aims of the organisation and ultimately to ensure the best care for service users
  • Senior and middle managers displaying a more performance-driven, yet participative management style, addressing performance problems in a focused yet supportive manner
  • Team members communicating in a more purpose-directed, influential way, both internally and externally with key stakeholders.
Case study - coaching and presentation development

Coaching, presentation development and support for a Director at the Sue Ryder Neurological Care Centre in Ipswich to prepare for a public speaking engagement with health care specialists.

The brief / challenge

Our client had been invited to deliver a 20-minute presentation to highlight the extensive work that Sue Ryder Care is carrying out in the field of Neurological Care. We were asked to support her through coaching sessions and the development of her presentation content.

The solution

We offered a number of one-to-one coaching sessions to encourage, build confidence and explore different approaches to presenting to an audience.

In parallel, we continued to shape the presentation content and together with our client, built a compelling presentation around the theme Singing in the rain. Our aim was to grab attention whilst ensuring the content resonated with the diverse audience, including healthcare professionals, journalists and members of the public.

The results

The event was well publicised and gained media and press attention. Our client delivered a powerful and memorable presentation that highlighted important issues and celebrated county-wide initiatives surrounding dementia care.

On the back of this presentation in Ipswich, she was then asked to present at an event held in The Japanese Embassy, sharing best practice in dementia care approaches in Japan and the UK.

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"Whilst Chief Executive of Sue Ryder Care, I engaged the services of Juniper to help us develop a leadership and related values programme, which was hugely successful. Not only was the positive effect on individuals highly apparent in terms of increased competence and confidence, but I was impressed by how Juniper clearly understood what made the charity tick, which further augmented the effectiveness of the programme.

I continue to highly recommend Juniper to people."

Iain Henderson, (former) Chief Executive, Sue Ryder Care