We build lasting relationships with our clients to understand their needs, challenges, culture and operating rhythm – only by getting to know them can we help them in their development and growth.

We provide bespoke solutions including strategic planning workshops, management team offsite, leadership and personal development programmes, executive coaching, values cascades, employee engagement and programme design to support clients through business transformation.


Our aim is to equip our clients with practical tools to be the best that they can be, working as their trusted partner to help their people and business grow.

Why not read more about us to see how we could help you? Alternatively, get in touch to speak to a member of our team.

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"We continue to partner with The Juniper Co. as they consistently share best practice learning and development, providing fresh ideas for up-to-date design, delivery, evaluation and project management. Their clear understanding of our business context and objectives underpins everything they do for us. Their excellence in delivery and execution is key to the success of this high-profile programme.”

Cristina Amador, Director of Human Capital (EMEA)

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"The Juniper Co. spent valuable time getting to know BIBA and the team, helping us to shape our strategic plan,

They designed and delivered a comprehensive leadership training programme, which has helped to improve management skills across the organisation. Following this shared experience, the team is more confident to discuss and address issues, coming to me with well thought through solutions."

Steve White, CEO (now retired) British Insurance Brokers' Association (BIBA)


"Juniper’s career coaching sessions compel you to question your current approach and look for ways to influence your performance and think ‘outside the box’.

What’s different about the approach Juniper take is they knit together both your personal and professional life, to be able to shape a holistic view of where you want your future to take you."

Anonymous The Juniper Co. coachee

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"We needed help to formalise and professionalise our company strategy. When I met the Juniper team I knew they were the right people to help us - they ask the right questions at the right time and they challenge your thinking and rationale in a professional, logical and sensitive way.

Juniper have been able to quickly understand the way our business works and what we're trying to achieve and have been a tremendous support and counsel so far."

Archie Harwood, Chief Transformation Officer, Harwoods Group


"The team at The Juniper Co. 'get' HRP: our people, our brand, our objectives and our challenges. That is why we have been working with them for over 12 years.

Their remodelled Contract Thresholds, Negotiation and Management programme has seen a sharp increase in participants’ confidence and competence. It’s informative, interactive and practical, ensuring participants quickly adopt new behaviours in the workplace resulting in financial savings across the organisation."

Marc Dial, Head of Procurement, Historic Royal Palaces

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"We have partnered with The Juniper Co. many times on personal and leadership development. Over the past year, the Juniper team has worked with us to develop and deliver a personal development programme for 22 participants in two cohorts, at different levels. We can rely on Juniper to consistently innovate in learning design and delivery.

I have seen the programme participants embrace this opportunity – they are now stepping up by demonstrating their personal brand, communicating with clarity, taking responsibility, and adapting to different personalities and their needs. I am also seeing more strategic thinking in their approach to situations, particularly when proposing solutions, as well as greater teamwork. For example, when collaborating to create and deliver their end-of-programme team presentations.”

Richard Scholten, Head of Platform Enablement & Operations, KPMG International

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