Here at The Juniper Company, we work with both corporations and non-profit organisations to create and deliver highly innovative communication campaigns. If you require support with specific projects or change management initiatives, we can help unlock employee engagement by developing a campaign that aligns your people with your core business strategy.

Our creative team is buzzing with ideas to develop, engage, motivate, navigate and inspire. So why not take a look at our case studies and give us a call on +44 (0)1252 856364.


"The Juniper Co. displayed patience, professionalism and determination throughout this project and developed strong relationships with the project team.

The content of the campaign was exactly right for the project and audience.Juniper responded quickly when the campaign needed to be adapted to suit changing requirements and offered sound advice, even when faced with a negative response, to ensure all opportunities were fully explored."

Business Stakeholder Liaison, KPMG UK

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