Juniper summer event 2018: What does good feedback look like?

We aimed to make this year better than ever, focusing on the challenge of giving feedback. Through an acted scenario, our guests witnessed a workplace situation and then helped coach our character to give constructive feedback to his colleague. Giving constructive feedback demonstrates care and courage from the person giving it. It is much easier just to keep quiet, especially in cases where corrective feedback is needed, but if you can overcome this obstacle, you and your team will benefit.

Considering personality styles, values and job roles, we explored appropriate ways of giving feedback and holding effective conversations to reach shared goals. We answered the big questions, too: how do you approach feedback in an awkward situation? How can you adapt if the conversation takes a turn?

Highlights video from the event:

Testimonials from the event:

"Short, sweet, informative and great fun"

"The event format was excellent. The session with the actors was really good. You delivered some key points in a really impactful and memorable way"

" I thought it was an innovative and engaging way to show your skills without 'selling'. A great evening where I heard nothing but positive feedback from around the room"