Case study - team alignment and leadership development

Team alignment workshop and leadership development for the Strategic Team and Programme Managers at the European Cultural Foundation (ECF) to re-focus their vision and strategic plan (that we previously helped create)

The brief / challenge

In 2012, The Juniper Company led the Strategic Team and Programme Managers at the ECF through a period of significant change. We were then asked to return in autumn 2015 to review progress and facilitate an off-site team alignment workshop to re-focus the organisation’s vision; critical success factors; strategic goals and objectives for the next planning cycle.

The solution

We travelled to Amsterdam to facilitate a workshop that encouraged participants to share achievements and successes, articulate the team’s vision and aspirations, and identify how they can do fewer tasks really well.

We were respectful of the team’s intellectual approach and were able to “tap into” each delegate's strengths, whilst encouraging debate and consensus.

We helped them to clarify their purpose as a team, with the focus on what can be done, not how, and were able to leverage their strengths and expertise to focus on steps to improve alignment.

The results

  • A strategically aligned team that is recognised throughout the Foundation and by its supporters and stakeholders for having a strong leadership with a clear direction
  • Programme Managers that understand the objectives of their leadership and are confident in carrying out agreed objectives
  • A collaborative, focused approach to working within the ECF and with partners, ensuring one consistent voice is delivered to all audiences.

“Nicki's drive and commitment was infectious and brought the programme to life in a way that was far above expectation. She is an extremely engaged professional who is excellent at bringing the best out of people.

The Juniper team are passionate about what they do, have an incredible understanding of people and what drives them, and deliver a very high quality product. They are also great fun and very down to earth. I would happily work with them again.”

Gillian Wijnhoven, HR Manager, ECF