Be the best that YOU can be

By: Laura Riches, Finance and Office Administrator 12/11/2019 Categories: Blog

We are all about helping our clients to be the very best they can be, in order to have a positive impact in the workplace because they feel empowered and confident in themselves and their abilities.

I have worked for The Juniper Company for almost twelve years and have come to realise that it’s also key, especially in the workplace, to ensure we look after ourselves, in order that we are then equipped for teaching others.

In our current way of life, which just gets busier, it is more important than ever to be authentic and make time to nurture relationship with ourselves, as well as with those around us.

Self-care conjures up images of physical exercise and mental health but it is also about creating the right environment around us, the relationships we connect with and using the time and resources we have.

To feel positive and generate positivity, we need to firstly notice self neglect, and then decide what is necessary to help ourselves to be the best we can be.

For me it is about:

  • Creating a sense of belonging; nurturing those friendships and connections. Radiating love towards others has a ripple effect, and this is equally true with workplace colleagues and thosein our network. Look, listen, love and learn from others. It’s enriching.
  • Getting enough sleep. This really needs no explanation, it is fundamental to our wellbeing and really does make the difference to many of life’s deepest challenges.
  • Knowing where to go for help. Find out who you can trust, and organisations that you could speak to in times of need. We will all need help at some point in our lives and to investigate and keep up to date on what is out there to help us could make the difference later on.
  • Know your boundaries; what can you no longer accept or maintain? Where could you make small changes? If you work from home for example, create a designated work space and take breaks and the time to breathe.

And finally, remember….

“Never compare yourself to others, at best we are all muddling along..”( )