Building a high-performing team

By: Nicki Kavanagh 3 days ago Categories: Blog

When working in a team, whether functional or project, it is easy to focus solely on 'what' we need to work on and deliver. How often do we consider 'how' we should work together to be the best team we can be? It is important to ask yourself these questions:

  • What values do we sign up to as a team?
  • How will we manage each other's expectations?
  • How will we deliver feedback and address conflict?
  • How can we operate in the most efficient way together?

We might think there's no need to spend time on evident things like this. However, in our experience, failing to contract with your team members often leads to sub-standard performance and hidden or overt conflicts.

Take a look at the short videos below where Nicki explains how to build a high-performing team, focusing on team health and developing a team contract.