Cathy's look back on lockdown

By: Cathy Marinacci 07/08/2020

Rhetorically, I ask Salvatore at our local Italian deli how we are going to survive the lockdown. Without hesitation, he replies “con amore” (“with love”). Cynically, I wonder if he has seen what’s been going on in the world. The date is 21 March, the day before Mother’s Day, a big part of which is spent preparing 2 functioning workstations for Google Classroom (whatever that is?), the programmed trip to Harry Potter World having been cancelled by Warner Bros a week prior.

Fifteen weeks later, I realise that perhaps Salvatore knew what he was talking about.

My lockdown months has been among the happiest and most fulfilled of my life. I am closer to my children’s learning and can celebrate successes with them. My husband has been working from home so instead of meals together only at weekends, we have been sharing 3 meals a day as a family, enabling more chatter. And there is time to listen to the chatter instead of having to rush to school, swimming, Brownies or dance etc. We have organised ourselves for learning in the morning and daily walks or scoots in the afternoon – and we have discovered so many beautiful places right on our doorstep.

However, for a “hugger”, Zoom just doesn’t cut it. So as far as negatives are concerned that has to be up there. I have really missed having face-to-face time with those I value in my life, outside of my immediate family. I have also found it hard to watch the news of suffering around the world, although stories of heroism and communities pulling together have shone through with beams of sunshine on darker days.

We have all heard stories of how Covid-19 has made people more conscious of what really matters to them. For me, it is no different. I am grateful for the family I have and the friends I am desperate to hug. So, in the future, when someone asks me how I survived the lockdown, my response will be “con amore”.