How to become a people-centred leader - our latest webinar

By: Marta Evans, Learning & Change Consultant 11/15/2017 Categories: Blog

On Tuesday 14th November, we held our 19th webinar and the second in our leader excellence series, focused on people-centred leadership.

The key topics we discussed were:

  • How to adapt to others to build better relationships:

    It’s important to consider others’ personality styles: What do they like/ dislike? What motivates them? What do they find interesting? What can I ask them to find out if I don’t know? If we use language that resonates with the other person, we can find common ground easier and build mutually beneficial relationships.

    • How to adapt to others to build better relationships:

    Assertive communication means ‘confidently communicating your views, feelings and needs without disregarding the views, feelings and needs of others.’ It’s useful to think about how we should change our language and approach to ensure that we are assertive but not aggressive, passive aggressive or submissive.

    • How to lead change effectively:

    When leading others through change, look out for clusters of signals to see how they are affected cognitively, emotionally and physically. When you see people struggling with change, don’t ignore your instincts – talk to them to better understand how you can help them get on board. Explore how they feel about the change and what they would need to become more comfortable with the change.

    After sharing our top tips, it was time to explore a couple of imaginary scenarios. We had a great insight from one of the participants who recognised that for her personality style to be comfortable with change, she needs to feel listened to and have some time to process the impacts of change. “Pace is really important so, when things are moving too fast it is easy to feel disengaged or that you are not being listened to.”

    Thank you to everyone who attended – we hope to see you next time! If you are a member of our alumni and were unable to join us, be sure to check out the recording on our learning centre.

    We will be finishing our leadership excellence series with performance-driven leadership, in the new year.

    Watch this space for more details!