How to keep those plates spinning!

By: Jemma Came, Programmes and Marketing Executive 04/11/2018 Categories: Blog

Recently, I’ve learnt the value of spending a little amount of time focused on completing small tasks that often slip off our list of priorities.

Strangely enough, I liken this process to baking.

I’m often found in our kitchen whipping up brownies whilst my dinner is in the oven. I have time to spare, so I may as well put it to good use – on something I, and inevitably my housemates, enjoy.

Last year, I acquired a KitchenAid stand mixer. Not only had all my baking dreams come true, but I suddenly found myself with time to kill during the baking process. Rather than standing whisking my egg whites by hand, the KitchenAid now takes on this hard work for me. I can clean the mess I have made whilst the baking is still in process. Once the mix is in the oven, I can sit down and relax… or move on to what’s next on my list!

If you, like I, attempt to spin many plates at any one time, I’d encourage you to consider which tasks you could put in to motion now - which tasks can work for you in the background and which require your full concentration.

Although you may not feel like you have the time to stop and think, taking a pause to consider your priorities and the order in which you complete them, could save you time (and your sanity!) in the long run. Besides, who doesn’t want more time for themselves to do what they enjoy? Personally, and professionally.