The Juniper Co. 22nd Anniversary Duck Race – line up announced!

By: The Juniper Team Categories: Team News

Written on 11 April 2024 -

We cannot wait to get our Juniper (bath) ducks in the water next week and see which one takes the honours in our 22nd Anniversary Duck Race. Why a duck race, you may ask? For those less familiar with ‘bingo lingo, the call for the number 22 in the game is two little ducks, taking its name from the fact that the number 2 looks like a little duck bobbing along on the water. Therefore, we couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate our 22nd birthday than having some fun with 22 little bath ducks. The race is on!

Our winning duck will receive a fabulous prize, which will include food and, or coaching (both of which are dear to our hearts). To decide whose names will be attached to the ducks, we asked friends of The Juniper Co. to share with us how they have been Junipered. In other words, how The Juniper Co. has had an impact on them. It was a pleasure to hear from so many friends and colleagues and we loved reading your stories.

So, without further ado, our runner (ducks) and riders for The Juniper Co. 22nd Anniversary Duck Race are:

Duck 1Archie Harwood, Harwoods CTO, and long-term client

Duck 2 – Marcus Capel, The Pony Club CEO, and long-term client

Duck 3Cynthia Underwood, KPMG, Leadership Development Programme alumni

Duck 4Lee Barber, OSRL, Preparedness Solutions Manager – EMEA, and long-term client

Duck 5 – Dan Long, DLA Actor, and long-term collaborator

Duck 6 – Ginny Howe, Juniper sponsored rider

Duck 7 – Nikita Skakun, KPMG, Personal Development Programme alumni

Duck 8 – Samantha MacDonald, OSRL, Account Management Programme alumni

Duck 9 – Nicky Thompson, Actor, and long-term collaborator

Duck 10 – Tess Nowlan and Marc Dial, HRP, and long-term client

Duck 11 – Maxine Borja, PwC Global 200 Programme Lead, client

Duck 12 – Yoppy Tan, OSRL, Preparedness Solutions Manager, and long-term client

Duck 13 – Calvin Sadie, Juniper team alumni

Duck 14 – David Ingle, Friend of Juniper and long-term associate

Duck 15 – Carey Tan, OSRL, Account Management Programme alumni

Duck 16 – Jemma Came, Juniper team alumni

Duck 17 – Visalakshi Arunachalam, KPMG, Personal Development Programme alumni

Duck 18 – Esther Schuyt-Hageman, PwC, Account Management Development Programme alumni

Duck 19 – Matthew Morris, The Duchy of Cornwall Rural Director, and long-term client

Duck 20 – Chris O’Dwyer, Juniper team alumni

Duck 21 – Leina Chong Pan, OSRL, Account Management Programme alumni

Duck 22 – To be claimed!

As you will see, the special number 22 duck is still available. We will be allocating it to a deserving recipient between now and the start of the race. If you would like to get your name on duck 22, send us a message with your name and how you have been 'Junipered'.

Keep an eye on the Juniper website and our LinkedIn page next week for the results.