Mixing with negative people

By: Nicki Kavanagh, Managing Director 05/25/2016 Categories: Blog
“You are only as successful as those you frequently associate with”

According to Thomas C. Corley, author of “Change your habits, change your life”, wealthy people avoid one type of person at all costs: pessimists. Corley goes on to write that "long-term success is only possible when you have a positive mental outlook," and that therefore spending time with negative people is detrimental to our success.

It got me thinking…

Last week I facilitated a seminar at the BIBA Young Broker Day on the topic of personal brand.

I asked the attendees how they viewed themselves – what they perceived their personal brand to be. After they had considered this, I asked them to turn to the person next to them for their first impressions – did they come across as friendly, rude, open or closed when they sat down? Were they perceived as someone positive or negative? In other words, were they someone whom others wanted to get to know or someone to avoid at the networking drinks later? Interestingly, in some cases, how the participants viewed themselves turned out to be quite different from their neighbour’s first impression!

If we are striving to be included on more challenging projects, trying to develop our networks, or looking for a promotion, some thought dedicated to how we come across might help. Are we projecting positive vibes and a can-do attitude?

If it’s true that we are only as successful as those we frequently associate with, the same can be said for others on the lookout for success – they’ll be more likely to associate with us if we, too, project success and positivity!