New beginnings

By: Cathy Marinacci, 27 September 2022 Categories: Team News

September - for many it’s the beginning of the academic year, the financial year, and generally a time to start afresh with renewed energy after the opportunity to recharge our batteries over the summer and reflect on our goals for the forthcoming months.

Personally, I have always enjoyed this time of year. Even when I was at school, I loved the new stationery, the change from summer to winter sports, the mix up of classes and the sense of promise that the cooler days brought. And I still approach the "back to school” period with a sense of anticipation and excitement.

This year is particularly resonating with me as my daughter embarks on her secondary school education. Of course, that means a lot of change for her as she navigates her way physically and emotionally around a new learning environment. It has been a fully immersive experience: new classmates, timetable, independent walking to and from school, canteen, subjects and clubs. She is thriving and I am so happy for her. Long may it continue!

I also wanted to challenge myself this autumn with something new. I have chosen to deepen my knowledge and broaden my skills in coaching by starting a Level 7 Diploma in Coaching and Mentoring. I am really excited about this for five main reasons:

  1. Experiencing and delivering the benefit of coaching – in both a professional and personal context
  2. Discovering more about myself part of the process involves being coached - and using that increased level of self-awareness to develop new and existing relationships
  3. Extending my network – meeting new people and learning from them
  4. Studying the act of studying in itself will be a source of enjoyment for me
  5. Ticking it off my bucket list – it’s been on there for long enough that it was either tick it off or cross it off!

What is on your bucket list that you’d like to tick off? Something to learn? A faraway place you’ve always wanted to visit? A career move? A change in lifestyle (such as part-time working)? Participating in a sporting event? If you are undecided on the goal or how to get there, consider the following steps:

  1. Do some blue sky thinking – in a world without fear of failure or financial responsibilities, what would you like to achieve (or do more/less of) either inside or outside of work?
  2. Look at the list and consider your priorities – what has always been a dream of yours?
  3. Do some research – alone and with friends/family/colleagues – what’s realistic for you now?
  4. Make a plan – outline concrete steps for how this one goal (big or small) can come to life, then organise the steps into achievable chunks
  5. Don't be afraid to take “imperfect action” - sometimes it’s better to do something that will nudge you closer to your goals than do nothing at all.

As someone who tends to want to do things perfectly, Number 5 was the one that clinched it for me and eventually got me to sign up for my coaching qualification. So, whether you’ve always wanted to run the London Marathon, take that mini-break to New York, or get the promotion you know you deserve, I’d encourage you to make this autumn the time to tick it off your bucket list!