New year, new career

By: Charlotte Brown 02/05/2020 Categories: Blog

So 2020 is here and as cliché as it sounds – this is a new year and a new career! Leaving behind a career in events to embark on a new and exciting role with Juniper as a Marketing and Programme Coordinator, at the beginning of January, was perfect timing. I was lucky enough to have two weeks off over the Christmas break to reflect on the last year or in this case, the last decade, which provided an excellent opportunity for me to evaluate the goals I wanted to set myself and to give myself the perfect platform to start afresh.

I am a big believer in following your gut and I felt nothing but positivity for this next step.

Now a month into my role, I can confirm that this was the best move I have made and my first month with the team has exceeded all expectations I had.

In the majority of previous roles, I have always been thrown in the deep end with minimal or no support. Juniper couldn’t be further from this and I have a huge amount of support and guidance from all members of the team – which is a breath of fresh air! This is alongside the plans and strategies that are in place and it is all backed up by Nicki Kavanagh, the Managing Director, who has a real presence and purpose for the team and business - it is incredibly infectious! Nicki keeps us all focussed and enthusiastic and reminds us how important it is to always ask “why?”. I realise now 4 jobs later, that these elements are fundamental for a successful business and a unified team.

“Why?” always takes me back to a video I watched a few years ago by Simon Sinek, which has resonated with me and I have applied to each role I have been in as well as in my personal life. If you haven’t seen it before, I highly recommend you watch it get stuck into the book – it’s a great read!)

Setting yourself goals and asking “why?” is a brilliant way to keep on track and challenge the status quo. I find it normally takes you down a path you may have not explored before, sparking creativity and setting yourself a challenge to apply to all projects and tasks. I am really looking forward to putting it into action in my role to help the Juniper Company achieve success in 2020!