Is staff recognition the answer to employee wellbeing?

By: Emily Kavanagh, Marketing Assistant 10/13/2017 Categories: Blog

I recently read an article by Real Business – ‘The three ways staff recognition can be used to improve wellbeing,’ which shared a very interesting statistic:

‘As a result of wellbeing issues, workplaces lose up to 27 days of productive time per employee each year.’

Real Business 2017

Social interactions amongst employees have a huge influence on their wellbeing. It is not enough to expect employees to increase productivity when there is little or no recognition for the time and effort they have already contributed. If regularly practised, staff recognition can have a positive influence on an employee’s work ethic and social wellbeing, as opposed to having greater focus on work productivity, resulting in poor wellbeing and the potential of conflict.

There were three main points stated in the article that really stood out for me:

  • Improve team and inter-departmental bonds: With growing companies having different divisions and departments, it can easily make employees feel isolated from other colleagues. However, encouraging employees to give peer recognition can help break down these barriers and form a more centralised platform. Therefore, communication between employees can help improve relationships amongst staff and therefore, work towards a stronger wellbeing amongst the team.
  • Improve manager - employee relationships: When a manager focuses no attention on staff recognition it will allow resentment to cultivate. Maintaining a healthy relationship between manager and employee is essential to create a positive working atmosphere. It’s remarkable the effect on productivity an employee has when they feel appreciated by a company. Recognition can keep a good rhythm of encouragement and keep the wellbeing of the staff at a constant incline throughout the working year.
  • Foster shared values between senior management and employees: Recognition for employees gives them purpose and allows them to understand how they are contributing to the wider success of the business. Breaking down barriers between management and their employees helps build communication and understanding of each other’s roles, and this recognition then allows employees to have a better understanding of the company’s vision and direction for the future. This can further improve mental wellbeing of employees by reducing stress and creating positive associations with work.

Could you be doing more to improve staff wellbeing and have a greater focus on staff recognition in your company?

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