Summer Event 2018

By: Clare Kavanagh, Marketing Assistant 2 days ago

What a fantastic evening at Kings College London for our annual Summer networking event? We were very lucky to be able to use The Council and Principal’s Rooms at the college, filled with paintings of eminent academics which is always very inspiring.

This year we decided to do something different - involve actors in an interactive twist.Nicki has seen how successful working with actors in industry can be with several clients in the past and wanted to try forum theatre for a change in format. Our partner, Dan Long Associates, are highly experienced in bringing professional role-play to a business context.

A work-place scenario was enacted, where one character was put in a difficult position and had to give some uncomfortable feedback to a colleague. We then asked the audience to get involved in coaching the character to give better feedback. Well, the response was excellent – with many people being able to put themselves in the shoes of the character whilst visualising a difficult situation they have had to deal with in their own role.The audience became very invested in helping the character and we had to call a stop to the session or it would have gone on all night!

The debate continued over canapes and drinks… with many of our guests commenting on how different the event was to any networking event they had ever been to before. A healthy debate is always refreshing and enabled the audience to hear each other’s views and ideas on what makes good feedback. We hope they got a taste of what that Juniper can do too. Our challenge now is to make the event even bigger and better next year!

Thank you once again to the Professional Women’s Network (London) for sponsoring our summer event.

Please take a look at the Events page on our website to find out more and see some video from the evening.