Working with Bolesworth

By: Nicki Kavanagh, Managing Director 10/29/2019 Categories: Blog

1) How did you first become involved with Bolesworth?

After my interim role as CEO of the British Equestrian Federation, David Ingle, who had worked closely with me as interim COO, introduced me to Nina Barbour. David has been involved in both the Bolesworth International Horse Show and Liverpool Horse Show for many years. He recommended Juniper to support Bolesworth with their rebranding process and strategic planning.

2) What services does Juniper currently provide?

Juniper has provided consultancy services to assist Nina Barbour and her management team with the development of the Bolesworth vision, values and strategy by facilitating a series of workshops. We have supported the implementation of business, IT and HR protocols as well as providing support for marketing and comms, particularly around the shows (wash up from previous shows and planning for future shows).

3) How involved has the Juniper team been in the rebranding of Bolesworth?

Juniper was initially very involved with the re-branding process. The basis of the new brand came from the strategic planning, new direction for the business and Nina’s vision for the future of the business, estate and events. We helped channel this to form the basis of a brand brief and brand guidelines. We helped the team as they explored the importance of brand colours, what a rebrand process entails, the impact on their stakeholders and customers, testing the market etc. We also supported on creating a project plan for the rebrand, recruiting a rebrand project manager and involving all the Bolesworth staff in the rebrand project.

4) Nina Barbour speaks very highly of you and your team within The Cheshire Magazine article (link below). Tell us about the relationships you have developed whilst working with Nina and the team at Bolesworth

We have developed a close, professional relationship with Nina and the executive team, providing coaching as well as being a strategic advisor. We are mindful that Bolesworth Castle is the Barbour family home and not just where business takes place. We have really enjoyed spending time there and getting to know how this special environment contributes to the Bolesworth brand experience. It has been a pleasure to be involved at such an exciting time for Nina as she shapes her vision for the future of Bolesworth.