Am I prepared for maternity leave?

By: Victoria Davis 3 days ago

It seems like only yesterday that I was nervously looking down at that white stick watching two lines appear. Isn’t it crazy how one extra line can change your life forever?! It’s now seven months later, and I am preparing (both physically and mentally) to go on maternity leave.

I have been preparing ‘physically’ for a few weeks now. I would consider myself an organised person, I always like to have a plan in place and see things through to the end. Therefore, I have been determined to make sure the transition for my maternity cover is as smooth and easy as possible for the team and my clients. Outside of work, I have been preparing my body through pregnancy yoga and ante-natal classes, whilst also gearing up to move house (yes there’s nothing like trying to do everything at once!)

However, mentally, I feel like I still have a bit of work to do. It dawned on me this morning, that in three weeks’ time, I will be leaving the ‘comfort blanket’ of my work life, which is now so familiar to me. Life will change completely, and I will need to very quickly adapt my account management skills that I have developed over the years, to the parenting world. Please don’t misunderstand me, I am under no illusions that a new-born baby will stick to an excel project plan, but hopefully at least my ability to multi-task and remain calm under pressure will help me over the next few months!

To help me to prepare mentally for my next challenge, I have taken some time to reflect (one of the many lessons Juniper has taught me!) This morning, I took a stroll down memory lane and read my very first Juniper blog, which focused on my first 30 days of the job, and what I expected and hoped to achieve. I smiled as I read through the skills and experiences I hoped to gain, whilst remembering the nervous butterflies that came with starting a new job, (a feeling that is now becoming very familiar once again). I focused in particular on the line ‘I would love to say in a couple of years’ time, that my input into the company has made a difference’. Well, 2 ½ years later, I would like to think I have ticked that box. One of the benefits of working for a small company is that your suggestions and opinions are heard and can be implemented - I feel like this has certainly been the case for me. Over my time at Juniper, I have seen the company and the way we work change quite considerably (particularly through the Coronavirus pandemic). This has included using new technology and tools; the way we deliver our workshops and the new services that we now provide. It has been a privilege to be a part of those changes, and to see how our team has successfully adapted when new challenges have been thrown our way.

As a result, I now feel more confident in my own capabilities, and what I can achieve as an individual. I have always wanted to be a mum, and whilst I’m sure the next few weeks will include more nerves and apprehension, I am excited now more than ever to start my new adventure.

I would therefore like to thank the Juniper team and all our wonderful clients, for all the life lessons and memories that I will take away with me into motherhood. I look forward to introducing you to the newest Juniper berry in a few weeks’ time!

Here’s ‘The first 30 days’ blog if you fancy giving it a read -