Defining your values

By: Clare Kavanagh, Marketing & Administration Assistant 1 day ago Categories: Blog

Having sponsored Ginny for a number of years now, knowing her personally and watching her produce many horses through the levels, we realise that there are many values that we share.

‘The Juniper Way’ of working with clients is similar to the way that Ginny deals with her different horses:

We suspend judgement and are curious to better understand clients’ point of view’, much like having to get to know and understand a horse to build a partnership, it is difficult to judge a horse the first time you ride it.

We are pragmatic’, also a prerequisite of any Event rider, dealing with set backs and challenges in a sensible and realistic way.

We ask questions to challenge the thinking of clients’, Ginny will ‘ask questions’ of the horses on a regular basis in training to challenge them and help them to progress and achieve goals.

Lastly, and most importantly, Juniper wants to create enjoyable and memorable experiences through our work… we share this with Ginny through her bubbly personality and aim of her profession not only to compete, win and ultimately ride for your country but to have fun and create incredible memories and experiences.

Establishing values and having a clear personal vision can help us to act in a more purposeful way. The demands and frenetic pace of business can mean that we sometimes lose a sense of what we believe in. Those who excel in these environments are the ones who have a clear sense of what they believe in. If there is a difference between our inner values and the actions of our work then this can lead to uncertainty, indecisiveness and can impact team cohesion.

Choices made that are in keeping with values are energising and can maximise the attention and energy we put towards them and helps performance in the long term.

Why not try establishing your personal values and those of your team?

Ask each person to write down a list of 10 values that are important to them, then put them together as a team. Working together, narrow them down to 6 values. This will be difficult but will establish what is most important to you as a team.

Let us know how you get on!