​Juniper team’s top bakes

By: The Juniper Team 07/27/2022 Categories: Blog

This month we’ve had some fun listening to the stories behind each of our favourite bakes, proving that cake plays a key part in the Juniper team’s lives, evoking memories that are integral to the celebration of life! Read on to learn about the team’s top bakes and the stories behind them.


When I think back to my childhood, I think about running through fields with my dogs, reading books in the trees, and, of course, my mum’s cooking. Every now and again, especially on a chilly day, we would wake up to the smell of freshly baked banana bread wafting through the house; sweet and comforting, drawing us to the kitchen, waiting in anticipation to hear the ‘ding’ of the timer telling us it was time to indulge. The smell of banana, chocolate, and a hint of walnut is still so clear in my mind. She never followed a recipe, and when I would ask her how she knew how much chocolate to put in, she would say ‘pour until your heart tells you to stop or until the packet’s empty…’.

Memories like this are so important to me, especially when it’s hard to escape how much I miss my mum. But, when I put my apron on and reminisce about the times I spent learning from the best, I feel so close to her; like she still has a hand on my shoulder telling me to treat myself once in a while.


Our daughter was born during Covid lockdown in 2020, and cake” is a word my 2-year-old can say with perfect pronunciation and one that she used repeatedly, until finally allowed to get her cheeky chops around her Christening Cake after the Reverend said “Amen”!

In the post-pandemic era, so many of us fully appreciate special reunions with family, many of them involving a form of cake to underline that celebration moment.

Whilst celebrating life, death, and everything in between, we often turn to a cake as a way of sealing the deal; helping us through our highs and lows. The sun shone down on our daughter’s special day, as we sat on the lawn in the shade of Christ Church, catching up on each other’s lives, drinking tea, and eating cake!

Our Christening cake was made by a local military wife, who found a passion for baking and turned it into her business, which I stumbled upon in preparation for our own Juniper Co 20th birthday party. We recommend you look up @cakeyourwaybyamy on Instagram for some mouth-watering photos!


My bake of choice is homemade scones, a family favourite that is always loaded up with cream and jam. My mum’s recipe includes using butter milk for the perfect consistency and ratio of fluffiness to fruit. This is a strong part of my heritage, as my parents are both from Devon and I was born there, too.

A potentially controversial admission; I am never sure whether to put the cream on top or the jam this is a sensitive issue that can indeed cause shock waves as this news article shows! The National Trust at Lanhydrock got into trouble with Cornish locals by posting a social media image of a scone laid up in the Devon tradition with the cream first. I actually remember this happening! I have eaten a delicious cream tea at Lanhydrock with my mum and children, such a lovely experience and memorable quality time with the family. Read the details here https://www.bbc.com/news/uk-england-cornwall-43363...


After a few busy months, I have been reflecting on some great memories of the amazing women in my life. My lovely mum, Daphne, celebrated her 85th birthday in May by going go karting for the first time! Go Mum!

When I think back to the ways my mum helped me to celebrate my birthday as a child, she would always bake me a cake. Even during the busiest of days, she would still find time to make me my favourite sweet treat – an indulgent chocolate cake, with chocolate butter cream and chocolate buttons on the top. So, it only felt right to do the same for her – her favourite is a classic Victoria sponge! Even though the past few months have been incredibly busy for me and the Juniper team, I still needed to find the time to show my mum how much she means to me, store-bought would not have cut it, especially on such a special birthday. Next time you think about making a mad dash to the supermarket to pick up a Colin the Caterpillar cake, why not pick up a bowl and whisk instead?

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