​A good spring clean!

By: The Juniper Team, 20 March 2024 Categories: Learning, development & personal growth, Team News

With the clocks going forward here in the UK this weekend, it really feels like Spring has truly arrived. It’s the time of year to get preparing for the months ahead dusting off the cobwebs and clearing out the clutter (hopefully unearthing some treasures along the way). Here at The Juniper Co., we have been having a spring clean with a bit of a difference; we have been sorting through our online archive of blogs.

The Juniper blog library includes a wealth of articles lovingly created by the Juniper team. Spanning the last eight years, they offer tips and advice on a wide range of subjects, from successful leadership through to embracing change. We loved reading back through them and reflecting on the past decade in our Juniper timeline. It made us realise what a great resource these blogs are and set us thinking about how we could make it easier to share them.

As part of our tidy up, we have now added the date the blog was published so readers can appreciate it for its time – we have found it fascinating re-reading those created during the pandemic, for example. We have also organised the blogs into six categories to help tailor an individual's read, depending on their interests:

  • Change management
  • Culture and engagement
  • Leadership
  • Learning, development & personal growth
  • Organisational vision & strategy
  • Team news

So, if you are looking for some inspiration during your coffee break, why not visit the Juniper Blog Library and see what catches your eye.

Here are a few of our favourites to get you started: